About Sugar Research Institute (SRI)

Australia’s Sugar Research Institute (SRI) offers global expertise in sugar milling and refining technology. We draw upon 69 years of sugar-specific experience to solve the technical and operational issues of cane sugar processing.

SRI’s understanding of the science of sugar processing helps sugar mills and refineries worldwide to maximise sugar recovery, and to deliver best practice in process efficiency and plant design.

Established in 1949, SRI operates on a “not-for-profit” basis and is owned and supported by Australia’s sugar milling industry. Our focus is to offer our clients and owners a competitive advantage based on technical and operational excellence.  This excellence arises from our unmatched understanding and application of the science of sugar processing.

SRI’s commercial services include:

  • Technical Consulting
    SRI’s wide range of defined and bespoke consulting, advisory and analytical services provide sugar clients worldwide with specialised advice, whether for an existing factory, a new factory or an investment analysis.
  • Equipment Designs
    SRI’s major equipment designs solve real operational issues with sugar processing technologies. SRI’s designs are based on extensive scientific research, field testing and continuous improvement programs.
  • Instrumentation and Software
    SRI’s range of instrumentation, automation and software products improve sugar output, reduce sugar losses and minimise production costs.
  • Training Services
    SRI’s high quality specialist sugar industry training services provide underpinning knowledge to factory operators, supervisors and managers for improving mill performance and operational efficiency.

Sugar Research Institute

Phone: +61 7 3231 5088

Email: info@sri.org.au

Postal address:
PO Box 15758
City East, Queensland 4002 Australia

SRI Global Affiliates, Specialist Partners and Resellers

Our network of global affiliates, specialist partners and resellers specify and deliver SRI’s range of designs, instrumentation products and access to specialist consulting services to international clients.

Our partners provide a range of services for the sugar producers including project management, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, equipment distribution and installation.

Conditions of Sale

At SRI, our Conditions of Sale have been created to cover all our products and services offered in Australia and overseas. These are part of every Proposal and project we deliver. However, SRI will negotiate alterations and additions that better reflect the realities of the diverse work we do. We also advise that in the event of a conflict between an official SRI Proposal and these Conditions of Sale, the terms of the Proposal take precedence.

Download SRI Conditions of Sale July 2017

Charitable Purpose

SRI is a not-for-profit organisation and operates under purview of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. In accordance with ACNC’s “Governance standard 1: Not-for-profit and working towards charitable purpose”, we provide the following extract of our Memorandum of Association. This extract details SRI’s charitable purpose and what we do to fulfil that purpose.

Download SRL Memorandum of Association (Extract) – May 1995

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