Sugar Research Institute provides designs for key process equipment used in cane sugar manufacturing worldwide.
SRI designs include:

SRI’s process equipment designs are available through SRI or our network of global affiliates.

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SRI offers three types of clarifier designs for the global cane sugar processing industry – SRI High Performance Juice ClarifiersSRI Short Retention Juice Clarifiers and SRI Flotation Syrup Clarifiers.

SRI High Performance Juice Clarifiers reduces juice short- circuiting, minimises mud up-flow and carryover, and limits inversion through shorter retention times.

SRI Short Retention Juice Clarifiers are designed to separate mud from the clear juice in the cane clarification process using SRI’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling techniques.

SRI Flotation Syrup Clarifiers are designed to operate with high viscosity syrups or melts, such as final effect evaporator syrup and recycle melt streams.

SRI provides design solutions for new installations or retrofits to existing Robert Evaporators to improve performance for sugar mills and refineries dependent on vapour bleeding for juice heating or pan stage boiling.

SRI’s Robert Evaporators retain all the advantages of conventional design (large volume, simple construction, easy access for maintenance and cleaning), improved through extensive factory testing and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling.

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SRI Continuous Vacuum Pans (CVPs) are compact, highly efficient and designed to make maximum use of upstream and downstream plant capabilities.

Importantly, steam and/or vapour demand  is surge-free and consistent, stabilising boiler operation and maintaining steady-state evaporator performance for extended periods.

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SRI Seed Crystal Conditioning Plants process sugar magma from continuous centrifugals to produce a seed crystal stream ready for crystal growth.

Small chips and fragments that are present in the sugar magma are removed through two processing steps: a controlled partial dissolution by creating a slightly undersaturated condition; and crystallisation of the sucrose in solution onto the parent crystals. The two processes are conducted in continuous flow equipment with full automation.

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In the refining process, massecuite, a dense mass of sugar crystals is mixed with mother liquor (the solution left over after crystallisation) and is heated up and cooled down using SRI Massecuite Reheaters.

By reheating the massecuite, viscosity is reduced making separation of the crystal from the mother liquor in centrifugals easier.

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SRI’s Cooling Crystalliser design removes as much sucrose as possible from the supersaturated sucrose solution (molasses) by cooling to continue crystallisation. The solution is then purified and then concentrated to allow the sucrose to crystallise out from the solution.

SRI’s Cooling Crystallisers comprise unique process and mechanical features to ensure optimal particle size distribution, crystal purity, crystal yield and operating cycle.

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SRI’s Bagasse Combustion Systems address the critical issues that drive boiler productivity, steam efficiency and energy production.

SRI’s experts assist clients to commission new plant and retrofit equipment to existing systems to reduce wear and tear, and increase the life span of boilers.

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