SRI Dbrix Transducers are essential components of pan stage automation including batch vacuum pans, continuous vacuum pans and seed conditioning in sugar mills and refineries.

The SRI Dbrix Transducer measures radio-frequency impedance changes (from which conductivity and therefore brix can be inferred), and was developed specifically for brix control in sugar mills and sugar refineries. It works best for high and low purity materials above 50°Bx such as refinery liquors, massecuite, syrups and molasses.

SRI Dbrix Transducer features include:

  • Dbrix Transducers are supplied as a set (probe, exciter and cable) to house sensitive electronic components away from the vessel, eliminating heat problems during steam out or off-vacuum heating and resulting in extended, trouble free and drift-free operation.
  • Dbrix probes are available in long, short or heated variants to suit all installations. Heated probes require little or no cleaning, even in low-grade syrups.
  • A single 4-20mA analogue output is provided, and each sensor may be calibrated for up to four digitally-selectable sensitivity ranges.
  • Swing pans are effective for all pan duties including high grade, low grade or magma.

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