SRI’s Flotation Syrup Clarifier design processes high viscosity syrups to increase crystal growth rates and improve sugar quality.

Designed in-house by SRI’s world-renowned experts, SRI Flotation Syrup Clarifier designs operate on high viscosity syrups, such as final effect evaporator and liquor streams.

Based on a standard range of designs with diameters from 3.6 to 7.4 metres, SRI Flotation Syrup Clarifiers effectively process syrup or liquor from 40 to 90m³ per hour.

SRI Flotation Syrup Clarifiers are designed for the syrup clarification in raw sugar factories or melt/liquor in sugar refineries.

Design packages for SRI Flotation Syrup Clarifiers include:

  • Clarifier body and internals design
  • Aeration system design
  • Chemical addition system design
  • Reaction tank design
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams and specification
  • Mechanical design to international standards (optional)
  • Functional specification including control schema
  • Operations manual

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