Seed Crystal Conditioning Plants process sugar magma from continuous centrifugals to produce a seed crystal stream ready for crystal growth.

Small chips and fragments that are present in the sugar magma are removed through two processing steps: a controlled partial dissolution by creating a slightly undersaturated condition; and crystallisation of the sucrose in solution onto the parent crystals. The two processes are conducted in continuous flow equipment with full automation.

Benefits of Seed Crystal Conditioning Plants include:

  • Supply of prepared sugar magma ready for crystal growth in batch or continuous pans
  • Increased productivity and consistency in pan stage operations
  • Increased uniformity of the crystals produced using the prepared seed crystals
  • Improved purging of the produced massecuite

Design features of Seed Crystal Conditioning Plants include:

  • Compact dissolution and crystallisation vessels
  • Fully automated operation
  • Easy cleaning procedures
  • Suitable for installation at the centrifugal station or on the pan stage
  • Low construction and maintenance costs
  • Minimal supervision
  • Continuous flow with easy adjustment of the controlled parameters

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