Sugar Research Institute provides designs for key process equipment used in sugar manufacturing worldwide.
SRI designs include:

SRI’s process equipment designs are based on over sixty years of research, field experience and scientific analysis. Using a range of proprietary design tools and advanced modelling techniques such as computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis, SRI’s designs are constantly updated to incorporate the latest insights in sugar manufacturing best practice.

Genuine SRI process equipment designs

We recognise that many suppliers around the world offer designs similar to ours. However, in all but a few cases they are copies of genuine SRI equipment, supplied without fully understanding the principles of operation. At SRI, we design from first principles and every genuine SRI design reflects our sixty year heritage of sugar-focused technology.

  • SRI was the first to introduce Flotation Syrup Clarifier technology to sugar manufacturing. Our pioneering work dates back to 1962.
  • The Short Retention Clarifier is an SRI innovation, first installed in Gin Gin Mill (Australia) in 1969. It has since been improved many times, including such design features as the perforated plate and gradated feed launder. SRI’s short retention clarifier is now installed in hundreds of mills worldwide.
  • The Continuous Vacuum Pan was first tested in Marian Mill (Australia) in 1973. The oldest production continuous vacuum pan, installed in Mossman Mill (Australia) in 1976, continues in operation today.

SRI global affiliates

SRI’s value added partners around the world are ideally placed to supply genuine process equipment designs. Using their engineering and project management expertise, they can provide detailed fabrication drawings, fabrication, transportation, installation and commissioning services, and ongoing technical support for all SRI process equipment.

Our value added partners operate with the full involvement and cooperation of the SRI technical team.

Our goal is to provide you with the very best process equipment technology, at a cost effective price.

SRI’s process equipment designs are available through SRI – or our network of global affiliates and resellers.