SRI Jigger Tube Systems maximise heat transfer in batch and continuous vacuum pans. Jigger pipe systems have been used for many years as a circulation aid for heating, boiling and evaporating high-viscosity liquids in enclosed vessels.

Essentially, a perforated pipe located under the boiling element, jigger pipes work by releasing a stream of bubbles which, as they rise past the heating surface, draw product with them, and so increase heat transfer.

The SRI system is in use in more than 80 continuous and vacuum pans worldwide and has been engineered to never block with solidified massecuite or be manually cleaned, even during emergency shutdown.

The SRI Jigger Tube System comprises stainless steel tubes with tens of thousands of high-precision 200µm perforations per metre of tube. These perforations are laser cut to a specific profile using a unique and patented technology. SRI Jigger Tubes are provided in standard lengths of 1,500mm or can be fabricated to any length on request.

Benefits of deploying SRI Jigger Tube Systems in vacuum pans include:

Improved throughputHeat transfer rates are maximised and evaporation rates are higher.
Decreased crystal size variationMassecuite movement increases within the pan and brix level variations within the pan are reduced or eliminated.
Reduced lump formationLow-circulation "dead spots" in the pan are minimised. This is especially effective in SRI-designed batch and continuous vacuum pans, which are computer-modelled to optimise massecuite flow patterns during the boiling cycle.
Reduced steam or vapourHeat transfer rates are higher and a lower temperature differential is possible.
Reduced colouringImproved massecuite circulation transfers heat more consistently and avoids point overheating or "burning" of the product.

SRI specialist partner ActionLaser has global responsibility for the specification, sales and implementation of SRI jigger tube systems into continuous vacuum pans, batch vacuum pans and Robert evaporators.

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