SRI’s Short Retention Juice Clarifier design maximises sucrose retention and minimises the resources used to efficiently separate mud from the clear juice in the cane clarification process.

Low sugar lossesInversion is minimised and mud densities are higher
(which, in turn, reduces cake losses)
Low capital costsShort retention times mean that a smaller SRI clarifier can easily handle higher throughputs than big and costly multi-tray designs.
High sugar qualityDesigned for low internal turbulence at high throughputs - the result is low turbidity and minimal bagacillio carryover in the clarified juice, higher sugar quality and less operational issues downstream.
Reduced chemicalsDesigned to lower rates of flocculent and lime addition in order to achieve quality targets.

Based on a standard range of designs with diameters from 5 to 15 metres, SRI’s Short Retention Juice Clarifiers effectively process juice clarifiers from 2,000 to 24,000 tonnes of cane a day.

SRI’s factory proven clarifier designs are easy to operate and are easily adjusted to changes in incoming mud levels and settling characteristics.

Design packages for SRI Short Retention Juice Clarifiers include:

  • Clarifier body, flash tank and internals design
  • Flocculant preparation plant and addition system design
  • Lime saccharate preparation plan design
  • Mechanical design to international standards (optional)
  • Functional specification including control schema
  • Operations manual

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