SRI’s Bagasse Combustion Systems address the critical issues that drive boiler productivity, steam efficiency and energy production.

SRI’s experts assist clients to commission new plant and retrofit equipment to existing systems to reduce wear and tear, and increase the life span of your boiler.

Benefits of SRI Bagasse Combustion Systems include:

  • Up to 15% increase in steam capacity for a given furnace size
  • Improved flame stability
  • Reduced sensitivity to bagasse moisture variations
  • Fitted external to boiler structure
  • Controllable bagasse spread pattern
  • Reduced bagasse deposition on the grate, resulting in reduced maintenance
  • Delivers continuous rated boiler steam capacity (MCR output)
  • Usually requires no adjustments after commissioning

Design packages for SRI Bagasse Combustion Systems include:

  • Custom design of SRI combustion systems for new boilers and retrofit applications
  • Commissioning of SRI combustion systems
  • Commissioning and testing of existing combustion systems
  • On-site evaluation of boilers, combustion systems and ancillary equipment

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