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Sugar Research Institute’s high-quality specialist sugar industry training courses and workshops are designed to provide factory operators, supervisors and managers with the underpinning knowledge to improve cane sugar factory performance and operations efficiency.

SRI’s courses and workshops can be delivered worldwide and customised to suit sugar producers’ specific factory configurations and operations.

In Australia, SRI offers 1-4 day courses and workshops from February to April, covering all areas of sugar factory operations in regional Queensland and New South Wales.

Our experienced training facilitators can also deliver courses on best practice, managing change, or developing solutions to operational issues such as instrumentation and process control, supervision and asset management.

2017 Sugar factory training program

The 2017 Sugar Factory Training program is now available including dates and locations for operators, supervisors and advanced courses. We encourage Australian factory managers and training coordinators to register at least two weeks before the course begins. View the program.

For international operator training courses visit www.srisugartutorials.com
For other international supervisors and advanced courses: Download international training brochure and form
For information email SRI Training

SRI’s Sugar Tutorials are key resources for sugar mill operators. This website provides fast and easy access to information you need in your work.

SRI Sugar Tutorials are recommended for new and experienced operators:

  • New operator?  SRI Sugar Tutorials let you look and learn, before you arrive on site.
  • Changing positions?  SRI Sugar Tutorials help you understand what your new responsibilities might be.
  • Toolbox meetings?  Use SRI Sugar Tutorials to refresh your knowledge.

SRI Sugar Tutorials are a great way to learn about your work, and how your work contributes to making sugar at your mill.

Australian mills only: https://tutorials.sri.org.au
International mills: https://www.srisugartutorials.com

SRI’s engineering courses are designed for factory staff who are working towards or have achieved supervisor level. The courses enhance participants’ performance through a greater understanding of day-to-day operations of raw sugar factories. These courses can also be customised to suit the specific training requirements of factories.

SRI engineering courses include:

SRI process courses are best suited to supervisors with experience in processing. Participants require a basic knowledge of chemistry to gain full understanding of the process and production outcomes.

SRI process courses include:

SRI’s operations courses target the skills of factory operators and are delivered within the factory environment. Practical, generic and site-specific aspects of operator training are covered. These courses are generally held immediately prior to the start of the season to allow operators to directly apply their new knowledge.

SRI operations courses include:

SRI’s transport courses provide introductory software training for traffic officers who are responsible for transporting sugar cane to the mills.

Traffic Officer Tools (TOTools) covers how traffic officers can control daily transport operations, and the ACTSS/ACRSS Users course focuses on checking, simulating and animating a daily transport schedule.

SRI transport courses include:

SRI offers a series of workshops to provide a forum for transport and mill staff to discuss aspects of their jobs and improve their skills and processes for handling transport and factory issues.

SRI workshops include:

Sugar Research Institute (SRI) awards scholarships every year for undergraduates studying engineering, science or technology fields at an Australian university or tertiary institution. The SRIS aims to encourage the participation of high calibre students in the Australian sugar industry.

SRI will be funding four scholarship recipients in 2018 to be hosted by Australian sugar mills and refineries for three work placements of four weeks each over one and half years (two placements during the crushing season and one placement during maintenance).

NOTE:  Applications for 2018 open on mid to late October 2017.

QUT’s Supervisor and Operator Training, or SOTrain program aims to upskill mill supervisors and operators working in Australian sugar factories. SOTrain comprises modules, topics, resources, tour guides, troubleshooting guides and competency assessments. It’s been designed to allow mill managers to choose which elements of the package they require for specific staff.

There are eight modules available for syndicate member access including:

  • Introduction to sugar factory processing
  • Overview of sugar factory operations
  • Steam and power generation
  • Extraction
  • Clarification and mud filtration
  • Juice heating and evaporation
  • Pan boiling
  • Fugalling and sugar drying