SRI’s Continuous Vacuum Pan design produces high massecuite exhaustion, consistent crystal size and improves energy efficiency.

Designed in-house by SRI’s world-renowned experts, SRI Continuous Vacuum Pan designs are suitable for A, B and C massecuites and are configured to optimise upstream and downstream plant capabilities.

SRI Continuous Vacuum Pan designs are available in a range of sizes from 75m³ to 220m³ or custom designed to specific factory requirements.

Importantly, the pan’s vapour demand  is surge-free and consistent with steady-state boiler operation and evaporator performance for extended periods.

SRI Continuous Vacuum Pans are designed to:

  • Produce strong massecuite circulation
  • Provide uniform conditions for crystal growth at any section along the pan
  • Generate narrow crystal size distribution
  • Minimise the number of control instruments
  • Provide easy access to calandrias for maintenance
  • Simplify valving and feed pipework
  • Augment production capacity by the addition of an extra module
  • Maintain consistent production performance with minimal operator supervision
  • Produce rapid and simple emptying, boilout and restart operations.

Design features of SRI’s Continuous Vacuum Pans include:

  • Horizontal pan layout comprising well-mixed cells
  • Carefully designed massecuite flow path to avoid flow restrictions
  • Small number of cells of optimal individual cell volumes
  • Separate modules with calandria in each module
  • Low massecuite boiling head
  • Optional mechanically stirred modules

Benefits include:

Excellent massecuite exhaustionResulting in improved raw sugar recovery
Increased production capacity About 30% greater than batch pan of comparable volume
Strong circulation movement Allows production of well exhausted massecuite of high dry solid content, with minimal use of balancing water and steam/vapour

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