Sugar Research Institute (SRI) specialises in using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools in consulting work and during research investigations. Our clients benefit from our skills with FEA through:

  • Identification of problems at an early stage of operation, preferably even before a prototype is built; and
  • Effective costing of options to result in an acceptable stress level (long component life) at the lowest cost.

FEA tools enable investigations into sugar cane bin design, determination of stress concentrations in mill roll shafts and tailbars, as well as indications of the design of support structures for sugar mill equipment.

SRI uses the ABAQUS Finite Element Analysis package due to its reliability in performing complex cases involving high deformation. SRI has used this package to model the crushing of sugar cane in a milling unit, using the contact and non-linear geometry and material capabilities of the software.

FEA tools help SRI understand the factors that affect feeding and throughput in milling units. FEA tools were critical in the development of milling models, in conjunction with laboratory simulation tests and the identification of issues in models.