SRI Transport Courses

Sugar Research Institute’s transport courses provide introductory software training for traffic officers who are responsible for transporting sugar cane to the mills.

Traffic Officer Tools (TOTools) covers how traffic officers can control daily transport operations, and the ACTSS/ACRSS Users course focuses on checking, simulating and animating a daily transport schedule.

SRI transport courses include:

Traffic Officer Tools (TOTools)

Introduction, 1 day

The course provides an introduction to the Traffic Officer Tools (TOTools) – SRI software used by traffic officers to help control daily transport operations. TOTools is also the interface to the other transport scheduling programs ACTSS and ACRSS.

The course covers the setting up of the TOTools database via the Data Manager and Options Manager programs, setting harvest rosters, creating daily ledgers and locomotive runs, balancing allotments, deliveries and collections, adjusting allotments and printing reports.


Introduction, 3 days

The Animated Cane Transport Scheduling System (ACTSS) Users course focuses on a software program for checking, simulating and animating a daily transport schedule. The course covers setting up TOTools ledgers and MapInfo network files required by ACTSS, running the simulator and animator, and interpreting the report.

The Automatic Cane Railway Scheduling System (ACRSS) is a program for automatically generating optimum daily transport schedules based on harvester, network and locomotive details.

This course covers ACTSS and ACRSS operation in a PC environment, running ACRSS as a stand-alone system, importing data from TOTools, and exporting ledgers back to TOTools.