Project Description

Various sugar mills – Brazil, South America
Project: SRI Clarifiers – Installation and Modifications
Partner:  Fourteam Engenheiros Associados

In 2003, three different sized clarifiers were modified or installed in Brazilian sugar mills using SRI clarification technology. In one case, a SRI Short Retention Juice clarifier was installed: in a second case, an existing trayless clarifier providing poor performance was modified and, in the third case, a multi-tray clarifier was replaced with a new SRI clarifier onto the existing support structure. All three units have performed very well in the sugar mill whereas previously the mills were running with two and even three units for juice clarification. There is a great interest by Brazilian sugar mills to treat juice with trayless clarifiers, but all the designs tried previously were not able to perform alone satisfactorily, requiring always the operation of more than one clarifier. The benefits of having installed the SRI clarification technology include significantly higher throughput rates, improved standards of clarification, reduced sugar losses, and reduced operating costs. The results represent a significant gain to the Brazilian sugar industry, not only in clarification performance but also in reducing the cost for mill throughput expansions.